Realistic Pastel Painting

Tijden/hours: 17:00 tot 19:00
Kosten/cost: €35,- per lesson/€ 350,- total course (excluding materials)
Benodigdheden/supplies: Listed in text
Soort aanbod/Type: Course
Duur/duration: 10 lessons
Extra Info: Starting from 12 y.o. | This course is held in English, so students must be able to speak English | This course is also available in Portuguese

Required/essential art supplies:

  • Pastel pencils set from your preferred brand (I recommend the Stabilo Carbothello set of 60 colors)
  • Pastelmat pad
  • Masking tape

Optional art supplies: (Feel free to bring to the class if you already have these)

  • Pastel sticks/PanPastel
  • Paper stumps, pastel sponge spatulas, makeup sponges
  • Drawing/sketching board

This short course is meant for people who have a passion for realistic art and want to learn techniques of realistic painting. Although you will be working with pastels, later on you can apply these skills to any other medium like oils or acrylics.

This course is meant for students of any level: from beginners to advanced, during my lessons the teacher will give a personal approach to any student to improve their skills from their current level.

Subject: You’re free to choose the subject you want to paint (wildlife, still life, landscape, portrait) and you will be guided throughout the process to achieve a realistic artwork.

Materials: Pastels are one of the great mediums used by the old masters and ideal not only to understand the visual art principles and translate them into other mediums such as oil painting but also one of the best mediums to achieve vibrant, realistic artworks.

If this is your first experience with pastels, don’t worry, with the essential materials for this course you will be able to achieve a realistic artwork within any subject matter.

If you have any question or doubt if this course is suitable for you, about materials or other questions, feel free to contact the teacher and he’ll answer any questions you may have.

André Rios

André Rios

My name is André Rios. I’m a pastel artist and teacher and I specialize in realism and hyper-realism. My favourite subject to paint is portraiture but I love all kinds of subjects, from wildlife, landscapes to still-life. I’m currently exhibiting with Galerie Montulet in Den Haag, teaching private lessons and teaching pastel workshops with Royal Talens.

You can read more about me at:

Link to socials:

Whatsapp: +31684573205

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