Pastel Club

The pastel club is a place where you can gather with fellow students and amateur artists to draw and paint with pastels under the guidance of André Rios, a professional pastel artist.

All styles are welcome! From expressive, bold and impressionistic mark making with pastel sticks to hyper-realistic drawing with the pastel pencils, we embrace all of the diversity within the medium of pastels.

Everyone is free to pick their own subjects and André will guide, teach various techniques, give tips and help you improve your skills throughout our group painting sessions.

If you’re new to pastels feel free to try them out with a single day session with materials included!

This way you can experiment and if you enjoy the medium you can get your own set of pastels and join the journey of colored dust with us!

Extra information:

For now the classes are conducted in English, so students must be able to speak English. André is learning Dutch and it may take a while but in the near future will be conducting the classes in Dutch.

If you have any question feel free to contact the teacher and he’ll answer any questions you may have.

For more details about the Pastel Club please consult:


14:00 tot 16:00


€45,- single day (excluding materials)

€150,- monthly subscription (excluding materials)

€350,- trimestral subscription (excluding materials)


If you don’t have pastels we can prepare a set for you for a fee of €15,- per session. 

Later on if you feel this is the right medium for you and you like the classes we will help you find the right supplies so you can start your journey with the colored dust!

Do you already have a set of pastels? That’s great! Feel free to bring your own pastels, paper and tools.

André Rios

André Rios

My name is André Rios. I’m a pastel artist and teacher and I specialize in realism and hyper-realism. My favourite subject to paint is portraiture but I love all kinds of subjects, from wildlife, landscapes to still-life. I’m currently exhibiting with Galerie Montulet in Den Haag, teaching private lessons and teaching pastel workshops with Royal Talens.

You can read more about me at:

Link to socials:

Whatsapp: +31684573205

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