Hotel Tranquille

zaterdag 21 september

12 June 2040 starts as just another day at Hotel Tranquille. The staff Jessie, Felix, and Anna are waiting for instructions on their tasks for the day from the hotel’s AI supervisor PAL, three teens Marc, Stella, and Adrien are sitting in the lobby, fully immersed into their virtual life on the SimPlanet, 70-year-old Justiine is in her room enjoying an anniversary with her late husband Rohit as their 30 year old selves, and the NeuraTalk regional representative Derin is going over documentation about PAL’s latest system upgrade in the hotel gardens.

That is until PAL informs everyone of a virus attack targeting their brain chips and that Hotel Tranquille needs to go into quarantine with no connection to virtual life and communication!

With colorful characters, their avatars in the virtual world, the hotel’s AI supervisor PAL, and plenty of chaos, Hotel Tranquille is a play that addresses the impact of technology in our daily lives and what it means to be “human” in a fun way.

Inspired by the Arctic Monkeys album

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is a 2018 album from the band Arctic Monkeys. It has a jazz lounge sound and science fiction themed lyrics that make a perfect blend of nostalgia and futurism.

About the Play

Hotel Tranquille is an original play initially co-written by Tulya Kavaklioglu and Anssi Kemppainen, now re-written by Tulya, and directed by Pompadó ZR Martha. The short script ‘Hotel Tranquille’ was originally created for WOW-EFFECT’s 2040 project, which depicted our interpretation of society in the year 2040 in the form of three short plays. This project was instigated and unfortunately put on hold at the brink of the COVID-19 pandemic. These last seasons, we’ve been given the opportunity to instead expand on these imagined futures by producing a short-film for Human.V.oid (2022) and bring Full Consent to stage (2023).

Please note that this play will be performed in English.

WOW-EFFECT Theater is Nijmegen’s international amateur theater community and is the sister organization of English Theater Apeldoorn.

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Zaterdag 21 september

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